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Thread: Home Wireless Speaker System

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    I am talking only about whether Alexa or Google Home are always listening and sending recorded data to the respective company servers.
    Yes. And the conclusion I personally drew out of a lot of reading is that it is happening. I really hope you're right in that they aren't.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    There is no evidence that they are, and a lot of people have looked at this because of the specific purpose of the devices and because of how obviously it could be used in this way. There is not enough data being transferred to contain "all speech" even if it was hidden in the "legitimate" data transmission.
    I really hope you are right with this.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    There is also no secret mobile network chip embedded into Alexa devices.
    Let's not go into institutionalization-worthy theories.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    Third party developers can develop their own Alexa and Google Home implementations and have access to the respective APIs. The APIs indicate that the systems works in the way Amazon and Google describe it. Both Amazon and Google have committed to only transmitting data for hotword recognition. If they did it anyway and got caught in the EU, they would get hit with the maximum GDPR fine (4% of annual global turnover, for Amazon that would be $11 billion) as a starter and it is not unlikely that they would be broken up at least at EU level - Germans don't like being surveilled. Illegal activities that happened with the knowledge of management would also allow for e.g. securities fraud investigations (everything is securities fraud) in the USA. I see you are sceptic about this, but these risks are real and large companies such as Microsoft or Google have been investigated and fined heavily for various types of behaviours before, which provides some factual historical evidence.
    I am sceptical regarding this because corporations are getting away with ridiculous stuff - see Amazon's tax debacle - and I really believe that when a corporation becomes large and important enough then the regular laws cease to apply. Even if ridiculous privacy-breaching stuff is found, it's brushed over. Yes, Intel is somehow still managing to occupy a major market share despite all their CPUs being flawed on a hardware level. Google gets away with Android being exceedingly invasive in one's private life.

    Yes, they've been fined, but people keep buying their stuff. This makes paying fines an inconvenience rather than an actual deterrent. I appreciate your explanations and they do make sense and I really hope you are right regarding the data transmission, but allow my skepticism to still exist - it should really be more prevalent in nowadays' society to be quite honest (see the way some governments handled the pandemic, basically fuck the people, let's economy).

    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    Amazon and Google do not need to listen to us to be very good at what they do. As you point out they already have (legal and officially declared) access to massive amounts of most people's personal data. They also have legal access to what they recording legally according to their privacy declarations (stuff post hotword detection). They do not need to take the big legal and reputational risks associated with being caught spying on their users.
    Actually they kind of do and they are taking risks daily - at least Google is with Android, Microsoft with the Windows telemetry and the examples can continue.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    Concerning anecdotal evidence I would posit that most people simply forgot that a particular ad had been presented to them already previously or they forgot that they were browsing or searching for the information they were also discussing on the phone during the call (e.g. search for "lego pirate ship" on Amazon while talking to wife to find out price -> forget about search because people have internalised googling -> "oh my god I was just talking about lego pirate ship with my wife and now there is this amazon ad for it!!!").
    I use Duckduckgo.com as a search engine both on my phone and on my computers. I am also not searching for funeral homes (at all). I agree the evidence I presented was anecdotal, but on the other hand it's creepy af on how browsers fail to contain stuff - there are plugins to contain facebook from reading your other opened tabs ffs. I use pihole to cull adds network wide at home and adblock and umatrix and disconnect.me and ghostery. Yet Amazon still reliably gets info from what I search outside it. It's a continuous game of whack-a-mole which is tiring to say the least and I feel that as a user I shouldn't be forced to put in this amount of effort for a bit of privacy.

    Quote Originally Posted by GeromeDoutrande View Post
    I agree with your overall concern regarding how much data big "Internet companies" are gathering, but Alexa and Google Home devices are not always listening and sending your words to Amazon or Google and are likely much less severe a source of concern than your phone or web browser.
    Again. I really hope you are right.
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    The best choice is AudioPro's A10.

    Don't think 1000 will let you cover all 6 rooms, but it will get you most of the way.
    However you want to play, AudioPro's will do it. Sync in all rooms, independently.

    Installed a 4 speaker system in my mom's apartment and even she can figure out how to use it.
    Shit just works and sound is very good.
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